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Oral training

Oral training

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Harbin Technical SchoolWe will introduce you to the major of stomatology to learn the basic theories and basic knowledge of stomatology, receive training in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of oral and maxillofacial diseases, and have the basic ability of diagnosis, treatment, repair and preventive care of common oral diseases and frequent diseases。

To cultivate clinical medical professionals who have a certain knowledge of humanities and social sciences and related natural sciences, a solid basic medical theory and clinical medical knowledge, a certain knowledge of preventive medicine, and a certain ability of clinical thinking and clinical practice。

Skills and knowledge should be mastered:

1.Master the basic theoretical knowledge and experimental skills of basic medicine and clinical medicine;

2.Master the basic theoretical knowledge and medical skills of stomatology;

3.Have the ability of diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and frequent diseases of oral and maxillofacial region and initial treatment of acute, difficult and severe diseases;

4.Have the basic knowledge and general operation skills of oral prosthesis;

5.Familiar with the national health work guidelines, policies and regulations;

6.Master the basic methods of literature retrieval and data query, and have the preliminary ability of scientific research and practical work in stomatology。

The employment field of stomatologists is wide, both in large hospitals engaged in stomatology work, can also open private clinics, and can be engaged in facial plastic surgery, beauty salon。After graduation, work related to medical education, scientific research, clinical practice: physician - in medical institutions or private clinics to help patients with oral problems,Teachers -- engaged in oral medicine teaching in medical colleges;Researchers - study the occurrence, development, prevention and treatment of oral diseases,Sales staff -- engaged in marketing work for dental medical equipment companies, toothpaste companies, dental material companies, etc。

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