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Want to transfer to another school?Now is a good time!

2023-09-27 14:48:02

Build a new journey of dreams

Start a new chapter

Harbin Technical SchoolNew semester · New atmosphere

Some students because of the high school entrance examination play disorder, blind choice of school

Some students make decisions for themselves because of their parents

Choose a major you don't like and conflict with your studies

How to deal with these problems

Transferring schools may be a good way to solve this problem


Choose a good school and major for a bright future

Parents hope that children in this age group can develop a sound personality and healthy psychology in school, and they also hope that they can learn knowledge and skills in school to lay a solid foundation for future development。Now would be a good time to transfer。Learn a good technology, you can have a broader future, choose Heilongjiang applied Technology School, overlooking the farther mountains, lakes and seas。

Harbin Technical School

Learn technology in Heilongjiang Applied Technology School, taught by professional teachers real practical skills, teachers not only give great help in skills, but also make a lot of efforts in shaping students' morality, and care for children's daily life, parents please rest assured!

02 Reasons for choosing Heilongjiang Applied Technology School

Mature teaching system

Each specialty is differentiated, precise and professional, according to students' strengths and hobbies, "tailored" for students, and provides a rigorous and comprehensive teaching system。

Practical teaching mode

Vocational education is guided by practical teaching and strengthens the training of professionals who meet the needs of society and enterprises。Therefore, the learning cost is lower, and the benefits are quick, and the problems such as employment and unemployment can be effectively matched。

High return on investment

Learning technology is generally a popular technology, the average salary of this type of professional is high, from the investment point of view, the child can quickly recover the cost of tuition after graduation, which is also a major advantage of vocational education。

If you have a problem with your current school,

I don't like my current major,

Can go to Heilongjiang applied Technology school field visit,

Consult satisfied before signing up for transfer!

There are still a few places for major majors, so hurry up!

In order to ensure the enrollment rate, enrollment is limited

Students who want to apply for the study should leave a message for consultation

When registration is open in 2023..

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