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Middle school candidates and parents are still worrying about school choice in late July?Please check this school selection guide

2023-07-25 14:55:43

Harbin Technical SchoolTo introduce you to the school selection guide

May every day shine bright for you

Are you still worrying about which school to choose?

Are you still struggling to choose which major is the best job?

If you're still struggling, please check this out

Your future must be what you want it to be

Heilongjiang Applied Technology School

It gives you one less choice and one more gain

01 How to choose a good school

Good schools and quality education are essential

Pay attention to the comprehensive development of students' morality, intelligence, physical beauty and labor, skills competitions, campus parties and various sports and sports activities, so that each student in the study of technology at the same time comprehensive development。

Good schools and teaching methods are the foundation

The classroom mode is "practice first, theory as a supplement", so that students can master the essence of skills in practice, truly transform from teaching fish to teaching fish, master real technology in an all-round way, and learn real skills。

Good schools and good teachers are important

There is a high-quality team of teachers, teachers have rich practical experience, so that they can flexibly teach students according to their aptitude in teaching, and rich practical and teaching experience。

Good schools and career support are required

Heilongjiang Applied Technology School cooperates with many enterprises to recommend employment after graduation, and has a series of activities such as enterprise visits and pre-job strengthening for students' employment。

Major selection

Auto repair specialty

The auto repair major aims to cultivate composite automotive technical talents, who are competent for automobile inspection and maintenance, fault diagnosis, maintenance and other technical positions, and can start their own businesses。Industry teachers teach, track teaching, practical training teaching hands-on practice, make learning more lively and interesting。

Rehabilitation major of Chinese medicine

The major of TCM rehabilitation aims to train professional TCM rehabilitation talents, and is better qualified for the positions of rehabilitation therapist, physiotherapist, TCM health consultant, teacher/doctor with expertise, TCM physician assistant health manager, postpartum rehabilitation teacher, etc。

Computer major

Computer major to train graphic design, UI design,Electronic commerceLive delivery, new media and short video operation, website security talents as the target, the course adopts an interactive teaching mode, combines theory with practice, and comprehensively improves students' professional skills。

Face the "crossroads of life"

It is wise to plan ahead

Feel the strong skills learning atmosphere of the school

Experience a new teaching model

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